Ontario PC Leader visits Sault Ste. Marie

Published on June 03, 2018

Ontario PC Party Leader Doug Ford made a campaign stop in Sault Ste. Marie Friday.

He praised United Steelworks Local 2251 for endorsing incumbent Ross Romano saying that everyone, regardless of previous political affiliation, is welcome in his party.

“It does not matter who you voted for in the past: Liberal, NDP or PC, everyone is welcome in our big-tent Ontario PC Party and we will have a real plan for you. Our plan will lower hydro rates, cut red tape, reduce the tax burden on Ontario families, end unfair labour practices and cut gas prices by ten cents a litre.” said Ford.

Part of his plan, if elected, will keep the Huron Central Railway open with money from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund.

He also repeated his pledges to get rid of the carbon tax, lower taxes and hydro bills, as well as cut hospital wait times.

His next stop is Kapsuskasing for a function Friday evening.


Source: https://northernontario.ctvnews.ca/ontario-pc-leader-visits-sault-ste-marie-1.3955334