Romano pegs McCleave Kennedy calls as attempt to misinform and scare voters

Published on May 30, 2018
Says calls are filled with lies and personal attacks against him.


On Friday, I set the record straight about phone calls that Michele McCleave Kennedy has been making throughout our City.

These calls are filled with lies and personal attacks directed at me. This is an attempt to misinform and scare the voters of Sault Ste. Marie. On Friday night, Ms. McCleave confirmed that she has made these calls and doubled down on her lies.

I stand by my record and look forward to being part of a PC Government that will make record investments in Mental Health; build 30, 000 long-term care beds and provide free dental care for low income seniors.

We believe front line services are essential services.

We have repeatedly told Ms. McCleave that we can easily find 4 cents on every dollar the government spends to fund our platform.

She is right about one thing; we will be making one major cut. We will cut Kathleen Wynne and her NDP policies that have plagued our province with excessive waste, scandal and mismanagement for the last 15 years.

Here are only a few examples of the savings we can realize by getting rid of the Wynne/NDP government:

  • $8 Billion on the e-health scandal
  • $2 Billion on the cancelled gas plants scandal
  • $2 Billion on the Smart metres disaster
  • $9 Billion on overpayments through the Green Energy Act
  • $4 Billion on the Shell game to cover up the fake savings in the Fair hydro plan
  • $.5 Billion on the Lottery and Gaming Privatization strategy
  • $400 Million on PRESTO card overruns
  • $304 Million over budget on the PanAm games
  • $6 Million hydro one executive salary
  • $53,948 on Canada Goose jackets

The fact is, we won’t make these same mistakes because we respect the taxpayer.

The Auditor General provided a scathing report against the government following their budget/platform release.

After only reviewing just 14 government programs out of the thousands that exist the A.G. found $1 Billion in savings without a single cut, lay off, closure or end to any program.

Perhaps McCleave can tell voters how her NDP miscalculated their spending in their “costed platform” because they don’t understand how a balance sheet works.

They are offering incredibly large deficits of over $13.2 Billion over a single-term. Due to their mistake, it will grow by another $5.6 Billion.

How much are people’s taxes going to go up? What kinds of essential services are they planning to cut? How are they going to reduce the debt in this province, which is already the largest subnational debt in the world costing Ontario taxpayers $1.1 Billion every single month in interest payments alone?

I will take no lessons in math from the NDP. No one can afford Andrea Horwath’s out of touch promises.

I’m excited to help get Ontario back on track and bring good paying sustainable jobs back to Sault Ste. Marie.